Furnace and Ductwork Cleaning
Furnace and Ductwork Cleaning

Northstar Heating and Fireplaces is also in the furnace and duct cleaning business. We are are a member of the NADCA National Air Duct Cleaners Association which offers certification and training for duct cleaning professionals. We have a certified ASCS certified air system specialist on staff.

We do complete furnace and ductwork cleaning for all our new construction HVAC installation projects as well as existing homes where furnace and duct cleaning is required.

Duct cleaning is mandatory in many new subdivisions in Edmonton under the new hi-efficient energy specifications.

As well the furnace must be cleaned properly with high pressure compressed air to properly clean the blower, blower motor and blower cabinet to remove all of the drywall dust and debris from construction. Most furnaces installed in Edmonton are used to heat the home during construction, if it is not cleaned properly it could cause warranty issues and reduce the life expectancy of the furnace.

Our Hino vacumn trucks equipment includes a truck mounted power vacuum unit c/w a Quincey truck mounted air compressor. We use an 8” suction hose hooked up to the furnace area combined with a high pressure airline (180 PSI) and attachements including a predator whip, forward and reverse skipper balls to properly clean your air ducts. 

Your furnace is cleaned with compressed air and whipped down with a cleaning agent to make it look like new. 

We can also do a full furnace maintenance and testing at this time if requested.


Before and after duct has been cleaned.