Northstar Heating and Fireplaces Ltd. specializes in heating your residential garage using radiant type tube heaters or forced air hanging unit heaters.

Both types of heaters can be vented through the exterior wall of your garage.

Radiant infrared heat is up to 50% more efficient than convection type heat, the heater heats objects like the garage floor not just the air in the garage, therefore all of the heat does not escape every time the garage door is opened.

We offer the Roberts Gordon “Caribe” brand of radiant tube heaters in varying BTU’s and tube lengths for residential and commercial applications. It uses a “U” tube design and a venting concentric kit to vent the exhaust air and bring in fresh air.

For a forced air type of garage heater we supply and install the Reznor and Modine brands of unit heaters for residential and commercial applications. They are available in varying BTU capacities to serve all of your heating needs, they can be venting through the sidewall of your garage or through the roof. All heaters installed come complete with a wall mounted thermostat. 

We can also install the gas and electrical if needed.

You will never have a cold garage to work in or a cold vehicle again thanks to your new garage heater from Northstar Heating.


Reznor’s V3 Series UDAP high efficiency heaters are excellent for space heating applications.

These gas-fired unit heaters are power vented in order to eliminate heat losses up the flue pipe. Power vented models have a higher initial cost than similar “gravity” vented models, but will save money on fuel costs. UDAP heaters are designed for 82-83% thermal efficiency often meeting utility company thresholds for rebate incentives.

All Reznor V3 series heaters are CSA Design Certified, and have a refreshing appearance with a glossy white cabinet finish.


Caribe Tube Heaters